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Increase bookings, efficiency
& revenue with a vast array of
inventory & stock management features

FETCHevery has been developed from scratch by a multi-site equipment rental business to delivery
ultimate performance and profitability. A range of packages available including bespoke

Job management

Job status

Info at every stage, at your fingertips

Availability based ordering

Assets always in stock and in the right place

Diary overview

Every job at a glance


Your daily workflow snapshot


Seamlesss coordination of deliveries and returns

Contact database

Organised and up to date

Picking sheets

A dedicated list of items and components

Personalise your projects

Custom naming for easy referencing

Sub rental

Effortlessly managed, from supplier to cost

Missing or damaged

Create a new job if something is missing, reducing costs to you

Multiple locations

All warehouses or sites seamlessly linked

Inter location

Every asset can be moved to exactly where it needs to be

Job notes

Everyone knows what’s going on at all times

Clone jobs

Repeat jobs easily duplicated to save time
Assets & inventory

Inventory database

Every product and component controlled and tracked

Exact asset location

Pinpointed in as much detail as you need

Diary overview

Every job at a glance


Meticulously logged and tracked

Stock groups

Items often booked out together grouped, saving booking time

Barcode / QR Code Scanning

Saving time and increasing stock management accuracy

Condition control

Required and pending repairs accurately tracked

Permanently assign

Assets can be flagged as an open-ended booking

Lock carnet jobs

Forget trips organised with assets locked to the job
Cost & charge

Cost management system

Priced for internal or external clients

Chargeable days

Effortlessly assigned to any job

Job discount

Managed any way you choose

Line item discount

Every job can broken into individual items for discounting purposes

Client status

From cash to account

Purchase order system

Track costs by job, location or across your entire organisation

Client statements

Up to date with every invoice


Linked to Xero and Quickbook
User management

Cloud based

Accessible wherever you need to be

Customisable views

Giving you access to the info you need

Personal calendar

Individuals can view and manage their own schedule

Add, remove, suspend

Every staff user managed keeping your data safe

Customisable user permissions

Assigned different information and task access levels for users

User schedule

What your team’s working on, at a glance

Job logs

Each human interaction managed and tracked

Employee documents

Company policies and procedures available to everyone

Employee / team annual leave

Easily booked and authorised
Customer engagement

Complete document suite

Access quotes, bookings, kit lists, invoices, dispatch notes and hire agreements

Email suite

Send quotes, bookings, kit lists and invoices directly from the system

Online account application form

New customer information fed directly into the system


Simplified, saving time and paper

Carnet reports

Automatically generated info for every overseas job

Automate email recipients

Every customer and/or departments gets the emails they need to see
Reports & analytics

Filter jobs

Search and analyse in multiple ways

Job profit

Assess each job for profitability

Purchase order reports

Generate cost reports – sub rental, purchases and transport

Revenue pipeline

View all locations, teams or departments monthly in terms of performance

Asset reports

Assess income from every product for accurate stock decisions